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This extraordinary book is easy to read and provides relatable, poetic imagery of real-life experiences that may invoke insightful conversation with "aha" moments at home, in a classroom, or in a workplace setting.

Insightful Poetry

There are over 200 Poems that you may be able to identify with

Poem Titles Include:

Silently I Plead

I Scream, I Fight, I'm Mad

Slipping Away

My Secret

Why I Don't Try

When you look around the world, you wonder about what you see at home, school and work  


You no longer have to wonder

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Below is the listing of Gail Carter-Cade novels in order of publication release.

  • Uplifting the Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles Through Poetry Now...Available 
  • Uplifting the Pain Now Workbooks - Elementary School age students
  • Uplifting the Pain Now Workbooks - Middle School age students
  • Uplifting the Pain Now Workbooks - High School age Students 
  • Uplifting the Pain Now for Parents - Parents




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