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Mission Statement:  To uplift unseen pain that effects ones behavioral and learning patterns of children, students and employees that is misunderstood by society while providing positive and encouraging outlook through insightful poetry.   

Vision: To become a leading catalyst for parents, educators and employers to deepen the comprehension, compassion and knowledge of behavioral and learning systems in homes, schools and our communities.



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How do you speak to a child, teenager or an adult about painful psychological experiences that may cause you not to talk about them because of society misinterpretation or stigmatic opinion? As a result, they are hidden, disguised or revealing itself in your behavior and/or learning patterns or responses.   

This extraordinary book speaks to you or for you through easy to read relatable, identifiable poetic imagery of real-life recollections that may invoke deep insightful conversation with "aha" moments of hard to talk about daunting  memories  of home, school, or in a workplace setting experiences. Uplifting The Pain...Now




Insightful Thought Provoking Poems

There are over 200 Poems that you may be able to identify with Poem Titles Include:

Silently I Plead

I Scream, I Fight, I'm Mad

Slipping Away

My Secret

Why I Don't Try

No matter who we are, where we are in our lives, there comes a time when we wonder about ourselves...Our pain 


"Yes I Am..."

Group Poetry / Rapping 

Details Coming Soon   

as of 2/6/2024