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Gail Carter-Cade is a mother, entrepreneur, educator, and writer who experienced, firsthand, the challenges families face when trying to understand the emotional and mental struggles of another family member and the manifestations of those struggling in their behavior and learning practices.  

She attended college in New York and majored in Business Administration with a minor in Journalism. Upon realizing that she could serve a greater need through her passion for helping and educating others, she went back to college and changed her major to education. She has volunteered and worked at elementary and middle schools in Jacksonville, Florida, supporting students with a variety of abilities, behavior patterns, learning styles, and personalities.

Gail became widely known for her passion, insight, and understanding of different behavioral and learning styles. 

She has lots of creative plans for the future and will continue delighting her fans with her exquisite style.


How do you speak to a child, teenager or an adult about painful psychological experiences that may cause you not to talk about them because of society misinterpretation or stigmatic opinion? As a result, they are hidden, disguised or revealing itself in your behavior and/or learning patterns or responses.   

This extraordinary book speaks to you or for you through easy to read relatable, identifiable poetic imagery of real-life recollections that may invoke deep insightful conversation with "aha" moments of hard to talk about daunting  memories  of home, school, or in a workplace setting experiences. Uplifting The Pain...Now