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Uplifting The Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles Through poetry Now

1) What type of book is this?

It is a resource book that provides insight of behavior and leaning styles of adolescences and adults can benefit in poetry style?

2) Who can benefit?

Parents                               Children

Educators                           Students

Employers                           Employees

Psychologists/Councilors     Client

Coaches                              Athletes

Build relationships

3) Why

Sometimes it is hard to express, understand, interpret deep seated problems or concerns that cause one to feel down, unresponsive, act out and not learn. understand.  It's very vital to comprehend because it becomes necessary to know the consequences.

 4) When

The resource book can be discussed In class, conference, meeting, one on one 

5) Where

The location can be in a school, office, or a home 

6) How

The resource poems can be presented by either party.  The child, student, employee, athlete or client can look through the easy-to-read poems.  Next, they can select a poem from the Manifestations at home, work, school section that matches their feeling description.  It can be discussed verbally, or the question-and-answer version maybe used. 


Behavioral Styles Manifestations In Your Life

Locked Up, Don’t Acknowledge It!, Thinking, I Cry, Explode, Hard, The Beat of the Beat, Discern 

Pain, She's Got a Problem, Highs and Lows, Clean, Here, There and Everywhere, Want My Stuff, Hurt 

Our Mama, Literal, Sway, I Don’t Trust, Transition, So Alone, Shaking, Sound, Down Hearted, Cold, 

Expression, My Secret, Out My Name, Unlocked, Jail, Attack, Me ism, Mistake, Driving, 

All About Me, Panic, Cuts Me Like a Knife, I Sell, I Can't Feel What You Feel, Meds, Fight,

I’m Sorry Your Sick, Set Me Free, Drink, Coping, Urges, Confusion, Girl Friend, 

Traumatic Experience, In My Mind…, Don’t Look at Me, Why I Feel the Need, 

Never Wrong, Avoid, I Cut or I Burn, Delayed, Mirror, Speak, My Loss, 

Down, Losing It, Slipping Away…, Baker Act, I Have to Call Them Again, 

Behavioral Styles Manifestations at Home…plus. 

My Child, Take Care of Me, I’m Different, You Yell, Wash Your Hands, 

Sensitive to the Touch, My Hair, Dad, You’re Here, Who Am I? Doesn’t mean, 

You Bring Me Down, No Excuse, I scream, I fight, I’m mad, I Can’t Take Care of You, 

Room, When Is My Mommy Coming Back? Yes, I Am..., Daddy, Daddy, 

Don’t Cry, Expectation, Melanin, Blank, Clumsy, Stutter, Twitch, 

Paralyzed, Blind, Deaf, Kills, Wheelchair, Appearance, At Night, 

My Father Figure, Understand, I Can’t See, ABUSED, Just Like Your Daddy, 

Leave Me Alone, Genetically Speaking, Not a Quarter, Can I Holla? 

Food at School, Hunger, Stranger,   

Behavioral and Learning Styles Manifestations at Work

I am a Boss, At the Top, Working Order, I Can’t Think, Pressure, Sensitive, Meltdown, 

Clueless, Be kind, Remember, See Me On TV, Handwriting, Success, 

Behavioral and Learning Styles Manifestations at School

I Come to School, Special Needs, DEFEATED, Holding Me Back, First Day, 

Get It Right, The Way, I See It, Comprehend, So Fast, So Fast, Process, 

Focus, Just Read, Math, Why I Don’t Try, Just Because, Smart, Separate, 

The Rest, I Didn’t Mean To, I Don’t Care, Energy, Follow Directions, 

Will You Sit Down, I Can’t Help, Silently I Plead, I’m Afraid, 

What’s Wrong with Me? One Day, Bad, A Test, Bully, Get Him Back, 

Contrary, Tantrum, In Trouble Again, I Didn’t Do Nothing, Don’t Touch,

You’ve Changed My World, High School, My Tool, Obsession, Home Teaching, 

Slow, Bridges, Hear/Here, Yes, I Can, 

Uplifting The Pain







How do you speak to a child, teenager or an adult about painful psychological experiences that may cause you not to talk about them because of society misinterpretation or stigmatic opinion? As a result, they are hidden, disguised or revealing itself in your behavior and/or learning patterns or responses until Now.   

This extraordinary book speaks to you or for you through easy to read relatable, identifiable poetic imagery of real-life recollections that may invoke deep insightful conversation with "aha" moments of hard to talk about daunting  memories of home, school, or in a workplace setting experiences.  

Mindset Growth Solutions

Poetry sheds light on the roots of challenges and offers a deeper understanding, fostering positive mindset growth solutions that improve problem-solving skills and potential.

  Uplifting The Pain...Now