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Q: How can I get an autographed book by Gail Carter-Cade?

A: Come to the book signing. The nearest book signing will take place (to be announced) Bookstore from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.


Q: Will any of Gail Carter-Cade's novels be made into movies?

A: Gail has not received several offers from Hollywood for the screen rights to the Gail Carter-Cade novels as of yet. She would consider offers and enter negotiations with film production companies.

How do you speak to a child, teenager or an adult about painful psychological experiences that may cause you not to talk about them because of society misinterpretation or stigmatic opinion? As a result, they are hidden, disguised or revealing itself in your behavior and/or learning patterns or responses.   

This extraordinary book speaks to you or for you through easy to read relatable, identifiable poetic imagery of real-life recollections that may invoke deep insightful conversation with "aha" moments of hard to talk about daunting  memories  of home, school, or in a workplace setting experiences. Uplifting The Pain...Now