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This extraordinary book is easy to read and provides relatable, poetic imagery of real-life experiences that may invoke insightful conversation with "aha" moments at home, in a classroom, or in a workplace setting.

Insightful Poetry

There are over 200 Poems that you may be able to identify with

Poem Titles Include:

Silently I Plead

I Scream, I Fight, I'm Mad

Slipping Away

My Secret

Why I Don't Try

When you look around the world, you wonder about what you see at home, school and work  

You no longer have to wonder

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Uplifting The Pain

of Behavioral and Styles Through Poetry Now

Review of Imaginary Book

Imaginary Book has everything a novel should possess: an engaging plot, a well-developed main character, and a vividly drawn sense of place. What really makes Imaginary Book absorbing is Gail Carter'-Cade's fresh, unpredictable language. She writes so creatively that you have to slow down because every sentence is a delight.

Duval County

Police Officer Reynolds: Thinks that this is a great book for police to gain insight of the people that they may encounter at any given time.

Retired Assistant Principal, Mrs. Dupree: States that it is a great resource to teach children how we are all different, but we still can get along.

Teacher Mr. Goodman: Thinks it's a great book to be considered using in schools. 

Behavioral Interventionist, Mr. Smith:  Feels this could be a valuable resource for behavior insight for students. 

Teacher, Ms. Ridley: The book really helped her to understand and have empathy for those who struggle with their emotions. She would definitely recommend reading it.   Her style of writing is very unique.  It will make you want to turn the page and keep on reading!

Mortgage Broker, Mrs. Bowman:  Excellent collection of poems.  This is one I'm glad I read, and I really enjoyed the openness.

Counselor, Ms. Toombs:  I truly loved the book.  

Nurse, Ms. Sinclaire:  I loved it so much I could hardly put it down.  It really is inspirational

College Student, Ms. Hargrove:  I have read the book and can't wait till the next book.  This was a true inspiration.  I can use the poems in my everyday life for the better good to not only heal myself but to help others heal.

Educator, Ms. Jackson: Really enjoyed this collection of poems.

Supervisor, Ms. Smith: I was extremely impressed with the depth of the poems and how they inspired me to look at life in a different way.  

Parent, Ms. Thompson:  One of the best, most clear compositions of poems that reflect on all aspects of life. 

College Student, Ms. Gates:  I love the book so much because it really hit home with the content of the poems.  I was able to relate with the book a lot.